Sigma 6 Electronics has sold its User Interface operations to Membrane Switch and Panel, located in Costa Mesa. We thank everyone that has been part of our loyal customer base. They will be able to continue serving your user interface needs with their ISO 9001:2015 operation.
Please contact John Corzine (714) 957-6905; or at their website;
– Sigma 6 Electronics Team

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Refining the Human-Machine Interface

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Our in-house engineering and production capabilities allow for flexible manufacturing. We provide seamless transition through; design conception, rapid prototyping, production and end of life. All of our products and services are focused on quality, customer experience, and efficient product turnaround time, all provided under competitive industry pricing.



If you have an already established product design going to production or; you are looking for skilled engineering services for your initial prototype. Sigma 6 Electronics can work with you to optimize a switch for appearance, functionality, and price.


The graphic overlay is often the face of your product and usually the first thing the customer sees. A well designed graphic layer will impress your customers; therefore, the membrane switch graphic overlay can be the most important part to selling your product!



Rubber Keypads have been a core component in a wide variety of industries including; industrial, medical, and military applications. Whether your application is rugged NEMA 4/4X, or you just want a good tactile feel, rubber keypads can provide unique benefits.


A capacitive switch uses an electrical field to detect the presence of your finger or any conducting object, recognizing a change in capacitance which indicates a touch switch actuation. Capacitive designs may incorporate several touch switch formats and layouts, including slide switches, rotary wheels, discrete wire and both tactile and non-tactile options.



Sigma 6 Electronics has designed custom enclosures for numerous user interface applications from medical to defense with rubber, membrane switch, or capacitive touch switches.


Custom or reverse engineered printed electronics manufacturing. Sigma 6 Electronics stays concentrated on the industries new and emerging technologies for effective display panel products.

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