Capacitive switches have no mechanical moving parts, and can come with the latest industry technology, complete with hand recognition. Recent advances allows for detection through water and metal.


Top graphic overlay layers are resistant to even the harshest chemicals. If you select polyester or polycarbonate, it’s important to understand which materials best match the products many environments. We offer at request, data sheets explaining all the resistances tested, in addition, you can contact us and we can help select a suitable graphic overlay material for any application.


Capacitive switches have added flexibility due to no mechanical parts. Having a flexible and durable tail come off a switch and route to a control board can eliminate extra cables. One of the best choices for limited space applications.


Just like Rubber Keypads capacitive switches can be IP or NEMA 4/4x sealed. No matter the application we can help keep your product safe from dust, liquids and environmental hazards.

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The most common backlighting method used are Fiber Optics and Electroluminescent panels. Sigma 6 Electronics works with a proprietary LED design which offers the same uniform backlighting over a large area. Both Fiber Optics and Electroluminescent have large prototyping costs due to tooling. Some applications require an exterior light source or additional layers. Our LED technology embeds a few LEDs to light up a large area and is significantly less expensive in the prototype stages.


Several options are available for protecting and shielding membrane switches from electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic discharge (ESD), and radio frequency interference (RFI). The shield is usually connected to the ground through the connector, or by means of a grounding tab with a slot for a fastener.

Shielding may add another layer between the graphic overlay and circuit layers, based on your requirements (in Ohms per square inch). More often than not, shielding is not required; however, Sigma 6 Electronics can help determine the best shielding approach for your membrane switch based on your protection requirements.

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