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What kinds of industries use membrane switch technology?

What kinds of industries use membrane switch technology?

Membrane switch technology is an economical and durable way for users in a variety of industries to effectively use their devices without concern that they will malfunction.

Industries that require reliable performance from their essential devices use membrane switch technology. While many industries still utilize membrane switches including: manufacturers, national defense, aerospace, telecommunications and health care.

Individuals in the medical industry prefer to use membrane switch technology due to three key qualities:

  • Tactile Feel
  • FDA Requirements
  • Reliability

“Membrane switches for the medical industry must comply with strict FDA standards; they must be reliable, use high quality metal domes with correct plating, and eliminate crossover on circuits in extreme environments, as people’s lives literally depend on them,” Nelson-Miller explains. “The membrane keypads must be well sealed and moisture protected against liquid spills and cleaning solutions.”

Sigma 6 Electronics specifically designs each switch with industries like these in mind. Clients benefit from working with an excellent team of knowledgeable individuals who can meet a variety of industry-specific needs.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, competitive prices and overall expertise in designing, researching and producing membrane switch technologies. Contact us today to see how our membrane switch technology can meet your particular membrane technology needs.


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